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amazon gift card

Free Entry Into Monthly $100.00 Amazon Gift Card & Product Giveaway!

This free gift page is here to offer customers a little extra love :) When we get free samples from partner companies we pass them off to customers as free bonuses instead of keeping them for ourselves. When there are no free products to share, we run an amazon gift card giveaway specifically for customers. This way, there’s still a free perk for customers.

Only ThirstAlert Customers Are Eligible For This Giveaway

Please enter the same name and email you used when you made your purchase and you will receive an email on how to collect your FREE GIFT.


  • Who Is Eligible?
    You must be an existing ThirstAlert customer and 18 years or older to participate in this giveaway. By entering the giveaway, you will also be put onto the customer only ThirstAlert updates list. Absolutely no spam. Just occasional articles or promotion updates.
  • How Will I Know If I Won?
    If you are a winner of the giveaway we will first verify that you are a ThirstAlert customer (please make sure the name and email you enter matches the name and email you used when you got your ThirstAlert product/s) and then notify you via email : )
  • When Are Winners Notified?
    If you are the winner for the month, you will be notified within the first week of the immediate following month. Drawings are made the last day of each month. Ex. The Feb drawing is made the last day of Feb and the winner will be contacted via email the first week of March. Note: this giveaway is ongoing month to month although we do reserve the right to discontinue it at any time without prior notice.
  • How Will I Receive The Gift Card If I Win?
    We will send it to the email address you provide. Please use an email address that you check often.