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ThirstAlert Smart Pet Water Bowl

ThirstAlert Smart Pet Water Bowl

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Ever wonder why your Pet is looking at you so strangely and acting up and then sometime later you realize that they are out of water and you feel so badly that you couldn't read their mind?

Then you start thinking oh my goodness, how long have they been out? Problem is, it's so darn hard to see the water level in most pet water bowls.

The ThirstAlert Pet Bowl solves this problem 100% with this beautifully designed Melamine and food grade ABS construction. The water bowl will alert you of "no water" as soon as it reaches 80% empty and soon it will notify your phone through our WiFi app.

  • Includes 4 AA batteries which provide approximately 400 hours of *use.
  • *Use only occurs while the bowl is in an "empty state" and the lights are blinking.
  • Of course there's an on/off switch for storage and non use.
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